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If you need to plan an event, then using a San Francisco event planner is recommended. No matter how large or small your event is, using an event planner saves you from the stress of organizing it all. Your planner can do the hard work while you enjoy the event.


Whether you need a corporate or nonprofit event planner or one for a social, family function, how do you choose the right event planner?


This guide will provide more information on how events work plus finding the best event planner in San Francisco and the Bay Area.


What Does an Event Planner Do?


Event planning involves putting together an experience that goes smoothly from start to finish. To organize the perfect event, you need to pay attention to details, have patience, and work hard.


During the planning process, an event planner will coordinate with everyone involved including the customer, vendors, and sponsors.

Event planners are responsible for arranging many things for the event including the following:


  • The venue

  • Food and drink

  • Entertainment

  • Audio Visual

  • Registration

  • Design

  • Décor

  • Rentals

  • Signage and branding

  • Supplies

  • Staffing

  • Security

  • Parking

  • Transportation

  • Accommodations


How Does an Event Planner Put it All Together?

The last section outlines the basic function of an event planner. How then is it all put together?

Generally, event planning can be broken down as follows:


  •  The first stage involves doing research on what is needed for the event. This may include checking your budget, who will be attending, preferred dates for the event, and anything else that is pertinent to your event.

  •  Step two involves putting together the proposal. The proposal should cover topics such as the budget, the venue, which dates are available, the event theme, activities, and contract proposals for suppliers. At this step, your event planner should be able to present a clear picture of how the event will go from start to finish.

  •  Now that everything has been agreed, the next stage is to get everything ready. Some of the things included at this stage are confirming the budget, the staff for the event, contracting suppliers, signage and branding, food and beverage and the floorplan and layout of the event.

  •  Once all the planning stages are over it is now time for your event. The event planner will have much to do on event day including setting up, loading in, managing staff, liaising with suppliers, and ensuring the guest experience is seamless. Managing guests may include dealing with parking, a cloakroom, arranging check-in, and a myriad of other necessities to ensure the guests are happy throughout.

  •  After the event is over there is more the event planner needs to do. Tasks that are dealt with after include getting feedback on the event, sharing any highlights on social media (if appropriate), reconciling the budget, ensuring all suppliers have been paid and ensuring suppliers are debriefed.

The duties of an event planner are many and varied. Using an experienced event planner like BB Events is recommended, as it will save you time and stress knowing that all of the details will be handled and executed flawlessly.


Planning Events In The Bay Area

When arranging an event in the San Francisco and Bay area, you may want to use a Bay Area event planner.


A locally based planner can be a great way to ensure a better event as they know the area, the best people to use, and how to make the event stand out.


Companies may want to hire outside of their traditional staff for an event planner for a corporate event to bring in more expertise, know-how and vendor relationships, or you can use a planner for a family gathering to keep the stress off of you so you can enjoy your special experience with your loved ones. Whatever you need, an event planner can create a perfect event for you.


Final Thoughts

When choosing an event planner, you likely want the best event planner in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

BB Events can manage your entire event from start to finish. This means you can have a stress-free experience and simply enjoy the occasion as your event planner does all the hard work for you to bring your vision to life.

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